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Namaste and welcome to Satyalesari Ashram, home of cosmic healing and holistic yoga courses.
Life in the Ashram does not follow any dogma nor any specific religion; rather, it draws inspiration from both human and spiritual beliefs that are rooted in every credence and spiritual path. 
All those who wish to study their Self and re-discover their spiritual heritage are more than welcome at any given time. Here you can find the best conditions to achieve your purpose: peace, stillness, silence, the slow flowing of the river Ganga and the possibility of learning and practising both yoga and meditation. 

What I teach

"A guru doesn’t take the burden from your shoulders, but helps you to strengthen your shoulders".
Peoples’ energy bodies are usually blocked, which obstructs the flow of kundalini energy. I teach how to feel your energy body, channel your energy and clean your dust to reestablish an energetic balance. That is the first step towards raising your awareness of your Self.

By the practice of Cosmic healing, meditation, dancing, chanting and living in a group of good souls, you will increase your sensitivity to energy and begin exploring the superconscious.
When the energy body is ready, Kundalini energy will flow towards your crown and open the door to a higher state of mind.

Don’t think, feel

There are countless spiritual books, texts and scriptures telling you what you need to do, what you need to believe, but these are only words.
What is important is that you feel what is good for you, that you feel what is right. Grow your trust in your Self. When you reach this state, everything will be easy. Your energy will attract what you need, no conscious effort will be needed.


I will teach you how to feel, help you find what you truly are and show you how to change your life. I will be your spiritual teacher, but even more importantly, your friend. I will take time for your problems, help you clean them and grow trust in your Self.

But you have to walk your path. You will have to go beyond your ego, face your fears and go beyond them. You will have to be patient, open your heart and mind and surrender. Only then will your progress fasten, only then will you start to understand.

Fields of teaching

The ashram classes and activities cover a wide variety of topics within the spiritual and holistic field, these include: Healing, Meditation, Kundalini Activation, Yoga, Ayurveda and Astrology.

For a full list and further information on all the subjects covered please download our brochure.

What is an ashram?

In the ashram you can learn everything important for developing yourself: yoga, meditation and healing are very important, but living together means more.
Like at home, you can learn respect, for others and for rules. You can learn compassion, helping each others and many other social skills.
The most important thing is: you learn everything in a harmonic way, understanding balance in all aspects of the human life.
In others word, Ashram is..
Understanding the value of interdependence and humility for spiritual growth and personal development.

Join the course

This course is the foundation and best way to start for any level of student. It already combines a variety of healing, spiritual and holistic activities so you can rest assured that you will learn what you need in order to progress.
This Course already helped hundreds of students from all around the world on their spiritual journey. Once my students feel how much they can change through the courses, they usually visit me multiple times and stay with me for months at a time with constant progress.

Join a course and change your life.

What people say

Online Video course

In this course you will find a way to expand your inner growth. Umesh 's speeches are about many different subjects and he use a simple english language to explain his concepts. With guidance from ancient Indian wisdom, such as yoga, karma and the chakras, to simple tips for your everyday life, this course is for everyone. No specific spiritual knowledge is needed to take this course. Neither do you have to believe in any sort of Gods, beings or concepts of enlightenment.

The duration of the whole course is 6 hours.

Some students affirm that this course is llike a powerful magic medicine and that it can heal depression. The meditations work like a spiritual surgery by first changing your mind and, once the mind is changed, your DNA is also changed creating a type of rebirth.

Free Holistic Clinic

Alongside Umesh’s teaching he runs a free holistic clinic from his home.

Using natural medicines and healing techniques, patients both local and foreign are welcome between 7am and 9am daily.
The clinic also opens its doors to animals should any help be needed.

Please contact Umesh to arrange an appointment before arrival 

Working place :
Shivakripa Building, Sonarpura Road, Shivala Ghat, Shivala, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221001, India (map)

N6-2B-106, Indira Nagar, Chitaipur Varanasi,(map)

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