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What I teach

"A guru doesn’t take the burden from your shoulders, but helps you to strengthen your shoulders".
Peoples’ energy bodies are usually blocked, which obstructs the flow of kundalini energy. I teach how to feel your energy body, channel your energy and clean your dust to reestablish an energetic balance. That is the first step towards raising your awareness of your Self.

By the practice of Cosmic healing, meditation, dancing, chanting and living in a group of good souls, you will increase your sensitivity to energy and begin exploring the superconscious.
When the energy body is ready, Kundalini energy will flow towards your crown and open the door to a higher state of mind.

Individual consultations

All visitors are welcome to come to the ashram and meet with Umesh Guruji. He wants to meet and speak with each individual before any further work together.

After the first visit, depending on your wishes and needs, individual program can be designed for each student to gain the most benefit from their stay in Varanasi, either short or long.

Even if you’re staying in Varanasi for a short time, you’re invited to meet with Umesh Guruji.
Please send us a Whatsapp message to arrange an individual appointment time

Cosmic Energy Healing Course

This 7-days course is open to all levels as complete beginners and experienced seekers will feel the progress.
In a small group of students we will cover topics such as:

Open, heal, and harmonise your chakras and energy body
Heal your subconscious limiting beliefs
Connect with the Self and grow your belief in yourself
Learn Reiki healing techniques
Practice Meditation

Varanasi Temples Tour

We arrange tours of the old authentic temples of Varanasi for spiritual tourist groups.

In a holy city with such a long rich history it’s hard to distinguish which places are worth visiting and which have the powerful healing energy. We can take you to the hidden gems and explain the symbolism and traditions linked to the most holy places in the city.

If you’re a group coming to Varanasi, send us a message to arrange a tour that will fit with your schedule and your wishes.

Social activities

Umesh is deeply involved in the local community and runs numerous activities for the less privileged in the area.
Some of the activities include:

free creativity workshops for children,
free yoga classes for children,
handing out free medicine on the streets,
distributing free food,
helping street animals,…

If you wish to volunteer, get involved, or donate for a good cause please get in touch with Umesh via Whatsapp.

Healing with Hypnosis

Through the technique of hypnosis it is possible to affect the subconscious mind directly and accelerate the healing when needed.

Such healing can be useful to clear deeply rooted mental obstacles and make progress on a deeper subconscious level.

Free Holistic Clinic

Alongside Umesh’s teaching activities he runs a free holistic clinic from the ashram.

Using natural medicines and healing techniques, patients both local and foreign are welcome every Sunday between 8am and 10 am.

The clinic also opens its doors to animals should any help be needed.
Please contact Umesh to arrange an appointment outside of these hours.


See further information and regulations regarding courses and activities in the Ashram.

What people say

Read 100+ reviews from my Students from all over the world.

Online Video course

In this course you will find a way to expand your inner growth. Umesh 's speeches are about many different subjects and he use a simple english language to explain his concepts. With guidance from ancient Indian wisdom, such as yoga, karma and the chakras, to simple tips for your everyday life, this course is for everyone. No specific spiritual knowledge is needed to take this course. Neither do you have to believe in any sort of Gods, beings or concepts of enlightenment.

The duration of the whole course is 6 hours.

Some students affirm that this course is llike a powerful magic medicine and that it can heal depression. The meditations work like a spiritual surgery by first changing your mind and, once the mind is changed, your DNA is also changed creating a type of rebirth.

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