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Beauty, joy and consciousness are the true spiritual nature of every living being, beyond religion and credence of any sort. We are all born free, but get suppressed by parents, friends and society and start forgetting who we really are. We spend our lives pleasing others, chasing one goal after another, never finding inner peace and true happiness.
My goal is to help you go beyond these problems, explore the depths of Self and find your true nature.

Ashram Life

You are welcome at Satyalesari Ashram, home of Cosmic Healing and Holistic Yoga Courses.
In the Ashram, students from all over the world learn to connect with the Self - together.
All those who wish to study their Self and re-discover their spiritual heritage are more than welcome at any given time. Here you can find the best conditions to achieve your purpose: peace, stillness, silence, the slow flowing of the river Ganga and the possibility of learning and practising both yoga and meditation

The holy city of Varanasi

The city of Varanasi has been mentioned in several ancient scriptures of India and China and is at least 50,000 years old: Hindu legend says it is the eternal city. It is also my home and the location of the Satyalesari Ashram.
As you would expect from such an old place it is full of all extremes, the best of saints and the worst of sinners, they are all here, all extremes as well as the mundane.
Cosmic Energy is everywhere, but some places are denser than others…

Who I am

My name is Umesh, and I have dedicated my life to helping people rediscover their spirituality. I am a holistic doctor and a life-long student of the Self.

I started my service to people by making and prescribing ayurvedic and holistic medicines. When I saw the devastating effects of drugs and other addictions in my hometown Varanasi, I set out to create new medicines to make it easier for people to overcome them. I soon realized, however, that a far more effective medicine exists for all diseases and addictions – it is called Self-realization.

Since then, I have focused on teaching people how to reconnect with their Self and overcome their weaknesses with their own inner strength. I created my own way of teaching through yoga, chanting, dancing, cosmic healing and meditation and helped hundreds of students from all around the world on their spiritual journey.

Europe tour 2016 - 2018

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N6-2B-106, Indira Nagar, Chitaipur Varanasi,(map)

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