Satyalesary Cosmic Energy Center

Welcome to our Ashram! Look for our sign on the road and find us on the first floor. Our arms are always open, but doors sometimes aren’t. Please come between 9:00 and 18:00 or write a Whatsapp message first on +919415269605


Feel free to contact Umesh for any information about the Ashram, its activities and course schedules. He will be happy to answer. The quickest way to get a reply will be via Whatsapp message to his mobile phone.

Please do not contact Umesh if you are looking to build a spiritual business and want to pick up techniques and qualifications along your travels. This is an organisation for spiritual growth where courses are designed for deep inner reflection and not as a means to financial profit upon completion.

Similarly please do not contact Umesh if you are looking for an ashram to use as a cheap place to sleep and eat in Varanasi.

Address: N6-2B-106, Indira Nagar, Chitaipur – Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221005, India

Phone: +91 941 526 9605


Always open




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Many people come here from all over the world; some of them, after having studied and spent time with Guruji, have created places to learn this technique of Meditation and to share it, or even to travel in groups and to come to Varanasi. Some offer distance healings using what they have learned in the ashram and create complementary material to the topics covered in the ashram.

Trigomiro Creativo – Italy Website Email:  Phone Number: +39 0112341776

Trigomiro Creativo