The Bhagavad Gita

Find your true Self

If you want to know the meaning, the purpose of your life, you must know your own self, your soul.

You already have what you search

Beauty, joy, and consciousness are the true spiritual nature of every living being, beyond any religion and credence of any sort. We are all born free, but get suppressed by parents, friends and society and start forgetting who we really are. We spend our lives pleasing others, chasing one goal after another, never finding inner peace and true happiness.

My goal is to help you go beyond these problems, explore the depths of Self and find your true nature.

“This ashram has changed my life”

Umesh Guruji is an incredible man and the work he is doing is profound. He is the real deal, a true spiritual teacher, and if you open up to him and trust him he will change your life completely.
If you feel compelled to check this place out then its for a reason. Listen to your instincts and don’t let this magical opportunity that is right in front of you pass you by.

Megan E

United Kingdom

Learn holistic yoga

There is much more to yoga than only asanas

Your progress in the Ashram will be fast. Through deep understanding and practice of all eight parts of yoga, from Yama to Samadhi, you will overcome your problems and free your true Self. By changing your habits, you will change your life.

Discover cosmic healing

Clean your karma, control your energy and become free

Through various forms of meditation, you will increase your sensitivity. I will teach you how to feel your energy body, how to clean it and how to make it stronger. Open channels, without blockages, will allow the energy to flow through you and fasten your spiritual development.